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New publication of Magic Flute II – The Labyrinth (Emanuel Schikaneder, libretto – Peter von Winter, music) also translated to English and Italian see detials here:

all about piano – all about conducting, see

piano master-classes of all kind

PianoPlusYOU (with Karaoke)
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in my representations of Sumiswald – Baden – Zürich – all bigger cities in Switzerland I offer psychiatric dialogues in the law space of KRD which are charged privately.

Education: Specialisation GP completed (BRD), specialisation psychiatry nearly completed. Special knowledge in spiritual phenomenons (medial abilities, OBE – Out-of-Body-Experiences and all of that kind)

You can pay in E-Mark or Euroweg or Euro or CHF:

Right after payment be so kind to write an email to Wolfgang[AT] in which you propose two dates of your choice.

piano technique

piano technique has developped in parallel mode with the instrument builders.
ca. 1700 the Italian builder Cristofori put little hammers into a harpsichord instead of plucking devices and thus he could play piano and forte which made the name pianoforte.

Since Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach pianists were thinking more and more about playing techniques and some teachers had certain METHODS:

  • Tradition since Franz Liszt
  • Breithaupt
  • Tobias Matthay
  • Dorothy Taubmann-Method
  • THE PIANO CODE of Wolfgang E l l e n b e r g e r

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