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Here I let you participate in my vision which in great parts is already manifested:

Who is Ellenberger, Wolfgang?

Wolfgang is a musical entrepeneur and developer of the pianistical tradition. By amalgamating his triple studies of medicine, music therapy and piano diploma and concert exam he was able to uptake the pianistical tradition since Franz Liszt and transfer it to nowadays consciousness level as nobody else ever did.

By his unique online piano class he makes it possible to every world citizen to learn to play the piano mainly self-educated and become ready for stage and for the market. As in no music academy the students are prepared for their professional life with all of its multi-medial possibilities and can place themselves on the market as economically successful musicians.

Wolfgang lives in a small mountain village in eastern Switzerland and has built a training center where he gives the last refinements to the students who partly live there. This center has to be equipped with the concert grand pianos of the best known brands and there is a highly effective structured working discipline of the handpicked participants.

In a sophisticated cultural machinery his pianists give recitals in a wide area around the www.Ellenberger.institute and an alternative piano competition gets high attention of the audiences. The onrush is very strong so that expansions are planned.

In a living community Ellenberger lives an open-minded communication with a group of friends, thus enlarging point of view opening up from a family with many children to the greater community which follows ecological and spiritual principles of an enhanced awareness of life in the world. They realise divine principles as the ARCANUM and create a truly luminous location.

He tours around the world with his special mobile home which has an in-built stage with a concert grand and excites the international audience in most various setting of his events.

With his „very first in history“ doctors opera company PDO he will produce 3 operas per year and performs in the big open-air amphi theatre in his mountain village. The best MusicDocs from all over the world will be working for PDO during their sabbatical year full time. Every member of this entire opera company has to do with healing. In the concert series “hospital recitals” he sends the best MusicDocs from all over the world throug the participating hospitals on tour.

In an innovative concept Ellenberger´s foundation will support a burn-out-hospital exclusively for medical doctors from all over the world. They are treated by seven super docs who are all deriving from school medicine but are eminent authorities in one of the complementary medical subjects. Selecting the therapies of their choice they can make a new approach to their live and be successful again. This example influences a world-wide awakening in the medicine field towards INTEGRAL medicine.

Ellenberger excels his masters from music and marketing and reaches a world-wide audience with HD live-stream transmissions of his performances over the internet. His interpretation is like a high-carat stream of consciousness whith touches the audience deeply in their souls.

The artist maintains an iron discipline and unifies several professions in himself. As singer and pianist, conductor and entrepreneur he leaves a wide track through the market of culture. He has distinguished himself significantly from the mainstream and has opened up his own alternative markets which is an example to many people.

Ellenberger, Wolfgang has created a new perception of artistry which makes looking for his peers and will be a measure for a long time.


The unique method of Wolfgang Ellenberger is not only rhythmically the basis of every music piece but guides on a path to a deeper comprehension of the music.
Each music piece transports content which has to be analysed and re-synthetized to a whole. Ellenberger analyses down to the smallest movement atom and builds up again to the great phrasing of the musical breathing.
Already after just one master-class I am curious to grow into the great tradition deriving from Franz Liszt with Ellenberger – in fact he is a 4th students generation after Liszt!


Laetitia Hahn

Laetitia Hahn

I was very impressed by your lesson because your approach to the practice was completely new for me.You taught me how to solve technical problems in various ways. (Liszt-Ballade)
Dr. Kei Oide holds a piano diploma and is medical doctor in Yokohama/Japan.

Kei Oide

Kei Oide

I have thought about learning to play piano for a long time. Because of my professional working times I decided against conventional piano teaching. The online class of Wolfgang Ellenberger makes it possible to me to get into piano playing even without knowledge of notes, scales, chords etc. and I invest an hour of playing time daily – and after two months I can play four beginner´s pieces. Through the online master-class of Wolfgang piano playing is no heavy load which is boaring because of lots of theory. From the very beginning it is playful learning and has become a wonderful balance for everyday´s life which I don´t want to miss any more.

The online piano class of Wolfgang Ellenberger offers an entry -or re-entry- to the beginner. The modules are build like an avolution matrix which makes possible to the advanced player can go an express path so they do not have to play beginner pieces again. So as a beginner you need not be demotivated if you are not that fast with the daily task as it is suggested by the class.

Important for me that I can play piano at the end of the class. A target that is absolutely realistic with the online piano class of Wolfgang Ellenberger.



„PianoMusicDocs‘ long weekend in London was a truly inspiring experience for me. Good company, good instruments and very good practising facilities added up to intensive learning. The addition of lectures on The Psychology of Errors and more was exactly the spice that made the dish complete. The English are more famous for their warfare than for their cooking. However this combination of German and English musical effort as interpreted by Wolfgang Ellenberger was not only value for money, it was just about transcendental. Glad to have participated.“

I started lessons with a local piano teacher I know from earlier on. She was amazed at my improvement. A great part of that improvement comes from your methods.

Karsten Hesse is a professional pianist and organ player in Denmark.

Karsten Hesse

Karsten Hesse

A great opportunity to connect the passion for music with the interest of continuous medical education. Individual teaching at the piano plus intensive analysis of the psycho-physiological connections between music and medicine. At the same time enjoying culinary and cultural sensations in a world metropole like London – ideal in any manner.

Dr.med. Katrin Homburg

Dr.med. Katrin Homburg

No matter if Rome, Milano or London….
one piano lesson with Wolfgang Ellenberger
is like half a year of lessons from a normal piano teacher

Susanne Millner MD

Susanne Millner MD

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