Here you can plunge into this giant piano-master-class-complex exactly where YOU ARE NOW!

In this film I demonstrate you how you can get oriented with this Excel file:

PlungeInWhereYouAre is the Excel-file (click on it).
You can click on all links of this file but only after registering as client and after being put functional after your payment everything opens correctly – otherwise it jumps to the home page or displays only the page headline without content…………

The systematical approach walks through all lessons step by step. In an express lane you can skip every second piece
in the (r)evolution staircase. It is the left-hemispheric approach along logical-analytical thinking structures.

The holistic approach works like this: As an advanced player you have a look at the ENTIRE (r)evolution staircase
and find out which pieces around the middle section are your technical level by clicking them and listening to the interpretations
of Ellenberger or other pianists – and see WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!

Then you can work through all coaching topics on your own starting with those most interesting for you.
You can select from ALL coaching topics from the very beginner to the professional – in the end you will have them DONE ALTOGETHER!

Of course you will re-finish your technical skills polishing all scales, arpeggios and chords.

You should absolutely understand my approach of piano technique and do these lessons before everything else:

And for understanding my entire fingering edition and the fingering nomenclature:
piano fingering principles