unique MIX

unique MIX


especially for health care professionals and musicians TIME IS AN ISSUE!
Thus the new mix of online-teaching (DO AT HOME!) and physical teaching, group and one-to-one is UNIQUE:

  1. the ESSENCE and most complete online piano master-class ever in 3 units BASIC, ADVANCED and PROFESSIONAL (value video > schedule > talk FREE)
  2. complemented with about monthly online-video-master-class as LIVE webinar (each active player is viewed as well as teacher)
  3. direct online Skype lessons
  4. PHYSICAL Master-classes with unique concept in London (10 credits for docs in CME) and Heidelberg (with secrets of TCM Chinese Medicine)
  5. PHYSICAL teaching on a one-to-one basis (scroll down for adress) in East Switzerland

make your choice and click the links!
It´s time to register for Heidelberg and London classes – seats are limited!

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