I have thought about learning to play piano for a long time. Because of my professional working times I decided against conventional piano teaching. The online class of Wolfgang Ellenberger makes it possible to me to get into piano playing even without knowledge of notes, scales, chords etc. and I invest an hour of playing time daily – and after two months I can play four beginner´s pieces. Through the online master-class of Wolfgang piano playing is no heavy load which is boaring because of lots of theory. From the very beginning it is playful learning and has become a wonderful balance for everyday´s life which I don´t want to miss any more.

The online piano class of Wolfgang Ellenberger offers an entry -or re-entry- to the beginner. The modules are build like an avolution matrix which makes possible to the advanced player can go an express path so they do not have to play beginner pieces again. So as a beginner you need not be demotivated if you are not that fast with the daily task as it is suggested by the class.

Important for me that I can play piano at the end of the class. A target that is absolutely realistic with the online piano class of Wolfgang Ellenberger.

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